What If I Told You.....

   I am the creator of the frank.files, I have been researching the Paranormal since i was  very young with my first experience seeing a ufo when i was 9 years old. I cover Ufo’s, Aliens, Abductions, Astral projection, Ghosts, Ancient Mysteries, Conspiracy Theories, Secret Societies Reptilians, Interdimensional beings and more. My theory’s are based on many years looking into these subjects.

  I created website because there is alot of topics and videos I want to talk about which i can’t on the main Platforms because of getting banned for so called disinformation crap. In here me and all the subscribers can have the freedom to say what we want. I have seen other sites that have so called freedom of speech content but 90% of them all want you to pay for Information behind a paywall like Patreon and Subscriptions and once you pay you have access to there content. I believe all this type of info should be free to anyone who wants access to it. So instead of me setting up a paywall to help me out with my own costs of the time, work website and gear all I ask is if you want you can donate to me thru PayPal at the bottom of the home page and on the “All my Gear i use” page if anyone is interested in buying any gear I use please use the links in there to purchase them. Welcome to thefrankfiles.

"Don't be Afraid of the Dark, Let them Be Afraid of the Light"

Frank F